Friday, October 14, 2011

My Article Was Published!!!

It was with great excitement that I share with you all my very first printed article on "Sweeten Your Words" (SYW). "Sweeten Your Words" is an online magazine that is committed to providing awareness to people of all ages in realizing the power of their words.

Supporting such agencies as The Megan Meier Foundation, "Sweeten Your Words" is passionate about taking a stand against bullying of all types. It is also passionate about helping to make giving back "business as usual".

I am honored to present my first piece entitled "Living with ADHD" as a personal testament to the Family and Parenting forum of the SYW magazine. I hope to expand my involvement with SYW in the months and years to come and hope that you all will join me.

I encourage you all to go check out my article, and to join the SYW Community on the web at and on Facebook at

I hope that together we may encourage others to be aware of what they do and what they say and to realize that we have the power to be a positive role model in each others lives.

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