Saturday, October 29, 2011

I Challenge YOU to Sweeten Your Words!!!

Recently I had the honor and privilege to write a couple of pieces for the online community Sweeten Your Words (SYW). An online magazine, Sweeten Your Words is committed to inspiring people of all ages and backgrounds to take responsibility for the impact that their words carry. They offer a forum for expressing positive thoughts and actions, with proceeds from advertising going to a passionate anti-bullying campaign. The overall goal of SYW is to “make giving back business as usual”. It is a partnership between business and their readers to impact the causes we care about.
From Jessica Alba to Matt Damon, SYW does celebrity interviews in their entertainment forum in addition to other forums that specialize in health and beauty, food and travel, family, environment, astrology and more. In another section, Tina Meier's Corner, we hear from the renowned anti cyber-bullying advocate who lost her own daughter Megan (13) to cyber-bullying 5 years ago.

I hope that you will join the SYW community to find out what you can do to help spread the word about cyber-bullying and to protect your own children against bullying of any type. Better yet, I challenge you to do whatever needs to be done to Sweeten Your Words today!!!!

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  1. Oh thanks for sharing such good ideas to spread anti bullying campaign. I was once victimized with bullying in high school. so bad, good thing I have a good coping up mechanism. I'm a new follower from voice box blog hop :)