Not For Profit Shoutouts: HELP HUMANE Society-A TRUE NO KILL Shelter!!

My family and I have soft spot in our hearts for charity work. We have done everything from hosting a game night at the local men's homeless shelter to walking in numerous cancer charity event walks. At one point in time it was almost a game to see what we could do next. We also have a huge soft spot in our hearts for animals, which is why we currently have a dog, 3 cats, and have begun a new venture in fostering a pair of feral kittens.

Back in July our love for charity and animals were thrown together in a whirlwind adventure to find our lost puppy, Moe-Moe. Moe-Moe was our boxer who got out of our house one day why we were not home. We did all that we could to find him by posting fliers, adding him to different lost pet registries, checking all of the pounds, and spending hour after hour driving through our town.

At some point in all of this we were able to team up with HELP Humane Society when we approached them to hang a flier inside their shelter. One thing led to another, and we were joined together in this venture. Their Facebook fans supported us by posting the lost pet ad on their pages, and quite of few of them even came out and helped us drive the neighborhoods for hours.

While we never found Moe-Moe, we found hope in HELP Humane Society and all that they do for lost and abandoned pets. HELP was originally founded in 1996 starting with a rescue/foster/adoption program out of their own homes. While they received not for profit status in 1998, the shelter itself was not opened until March of 2005. They are true not for profit, depending solely on donations and volunteers and are adamant in their TRUE NO KILL views.

Our family has since toured the HELP Humane shelter and have had the honor of spending time with all of their adoptees. This has been one of the most hopeful experiences of my life as I see all of the beautiful cats and kittens that call HELP their temporary home. Not only were we greeted by volunteers, we were literally greeted by cats right when we walked in the door. The shelter is divided into many rooms and all of the animals occupy certain rooms in the shelter. One room is devoted strictly to kittens while another is strictly for cats who have tested positive for Feline Leukemia. They have so many places to lounge around, gyms to crawl up or scratch at, and toys to play with.

Recently HELP has been dealt some devastating news: they are in danger of closing. They are unable to cover their monthly expenses in order to keep their doors open, including providing medical expenses for these beautiful babies. This is especially important because they are not your traditional dark, sad shelter. They are a place of hope, and every animal there receives the help and love that they deserve.

What can you do to help???

There are several ways you can help this amazing charity keep these animals in this NO KILL environment while they are awaiting their forever home. The biggest way you can help right now is to sign up to be a shelter buddy. A shelter buddy is someone who pledges a certain amount of money every month in order to help cover expenses at the shelter. They have many different options available starting with a simple donation of $10.00 per month. They have a wide variety of ways to do this as well, including automatic bank drafts and PayPal along with donating via a credit card.

You can also make a one time donation on their website at In addition to helping out monetarily, HELP is always in need of cat litter, toys, scratching posts, blankets, cat food, and other various cat related needs. They also need help with daily supplies such as laundry detergent, paper towels, can openers, etc. For a detailed list of items needed please visit their wish list page at:

HELP is always looking for foster homes and volunteers for various activities in the Kansas City Metropolitan area. If you are in or around the metropolitan area, of willing to travel here, please keep in mind that these animals are also in need of forever homes. HELP's mission includes the statement: "Our clients are homeless animals and we hope to be out of business someday". There is nothing more rewarding than the thought that at some point in time, they will be!!!!

HELP Humane Society-A TRUE NO-Kill Shelter
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Belton, MO 64012 

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