Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I'm a Little Biased!!

Okay, okay, I admit it, I am a little biased-but my child just might be a genius. Humble? No way!! Proud, I know its a sin, but I'm all over it.

Kiersten is my 8 year old. She often asks questions that most children don't really care that much about. Last night it was "Mommy, where did they get the saying DeJaVu?" A couple days ago it was "if you pour pop into a glass that already has some in it, does that pop go to the top of the glass or stay at the bottom?" Who thinks like that at 8? She is already thinking outside the box-way to go girl!

Tonight, Kiersten has decided that she would like to take stuff apart and inspect the inside of it. While it was hard to find something for her, we gave her two old remotes to "inspect". She is inspecting the circuit board and the little rubber thing that has the buttons on it. She is putting them together and taking them apart to figure out just how they make things work. She is questioning why some things have wires and why some don't. She is also giving us "live demonstrations".

(Kiersten looking in the dictionary with her circuit board)

Prompting thought, I wonder to myself what she will be when she grows up. I know we all wonder, but I really ponder it. She loves dogs, maybe she will be a veterinarian. She likes to draw, maybe she will be an artist. She is super smart, maybe she will be a teacher or a doctor. She loves to take electronics apart and put them back together, maybe she will be a computer analyst or technician.

Whatever path Kiersten chooses, I hope that she knows how proud I am of her. I hope she chooses a career path that makes her feel complete. I hope that she knows that it doesn't matter how much money she makes, what matters most is her happiness and her family's happiness. Who knows, maybe I'm a little biased??


  1. Oh you are not biased, and you deserved to be proud for having such a sweet smart girl! Way to go for her, she will surely surprise you more with her smartness! I love your blog and I am awarding you with Versatile Blogger Award. Congratulations!

  2. You should be proud! Your daughter sounds like an amazing little girl and I love the questions she's asking, very out of the box!