Monday, March 12, 2012

The Rating Should Be Changed!! Please Sign this Petition!!!

I have been really bothered by the controversy over Bully the movie. Bully is a movie documentary that follows families around that are affected by bullying in their everyday life. It is estimated that bullying will affect approximately 13 million kids this year alone. It is also important to note that kids as young as 9 years old are committing suicide due to bullying. Where does it stop?

Now that we have those disturbing facts, here is the controversy: the MPAA has ruled that this documentary should be rated 'R' for some crude language as some of the children that do the bullying in the film drop the "f-bomb" around. If this film receives an 'R' rating, it will not make the significant impact that we need it to make in order to make a change across this country! Schools will not be able to show this in classrooms, teenagers will not be able to see this with each other (without the accompany of an adult) and the target audience for this film will not be reached like it needs to be.

Why not just change the language? The bottom line is that the effect will not be as drastic as it needs to be without this. Our children need to be sheltered from things, I agree. But this language, and worse, is used every single day in schools, music, and even in their own homes all the time. I saw a COMMERCIAL today that had a naked man with just his genitals blocked out and thought to myself "really? they can play this commercial for my children to see on regular TV but Bully gets an 'R' rating?" There are television shows that have sex scenes, and bare chests, and this movie gets an 'R'?

I am frustrated beyond belief. My children have been victims of bullying as have I. My son was one step away from becoming a bully at one point. So I will be taking my children to see this film regardless of the rating. But we need to stand together on this and beat this rating!!

Please go online and sign the petition that Katy Butler, a high school student in Michigan, started to over thrown this rating. More importantly, please be sure you spread the word about this to all of your friends and   family and take your kids to see this movie. CHILDREN'S LIVES ARE DEPENDANT ON IT!!!!!

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