Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Everyday Moments-FUNNY STUFF!!!!

Every family has those moments, the moments I call "everyday moments". You know the moments: the "aha" moment, the "I just have to smile and shake my head" moment, or the "that's going to make a great memory" moment. Is your life filled with moments? Our family has quite a few, and I am feeling obliged to share a couple of our "everyday moments" with you, dear reader.

1) Kiersten was 3 and toddling around like most 3 year olds do. She was as sassy as sassy could be, with the perfect combination of adorable and bluntness that accompanies any child of that age. On that particular day we ran by the local gas station which doubled as a convenience store, and at 7 o'clock in the morning our stop could not have been more busy, nor chaotic.

As we rounded up our items and headed toward the register, we were abruptly stopped by the lengthy line. As I halted Kiersten, who was behind me, ran right smack dab into my rear end. Now let me explain this: at her height this meant that her nose literally met the old gluteus maximus. 

Now as I mentioned earlier, this store could not have squeezed one more person into it. As the rear-ending happened, it got eerily quiet and my 3-year old daughter screamed (at the top of her lungs, no doubt) "Mommy, your butt 'tinky!" As you can imagine, the entire crowd turned to look towards the screeching child, and in turn towards the object of said wretched odor. I still haven't decided if this was a "that's going to make a great memory" moment or an "aha" moment. Only time will tell, I assume.

 2) Growing up in my parent's home was not always considered even middle class. We never went without, but my mother sure knew how to throw a little bit of everything cheap in a pan and call it supper. My father made an honest, blue-collar living with many years in a tow truck, followed by many more in the pipefitters union. This man never called in, no matter how sick he became. My Mom worked as well and throughout all of their hard work they put a roof over our heads and always gave us a decent Christmas.  Now that us children are out of the home Mom and Dad are finding it easier to making ends meet and they have managed to scrape up a meager amount to put a trailer and boat down at the lake.

The lake has become quite an extensive collection of "everyday moments" in itself, but I will never forget my father' words of wisdom this particular trip down. The boat was docked and all of us were in our lifejackets floating in the lake when my Dad said it: "I wonder what the poor people are doing today".   

These words have become somewhat of a tradition at the lake, they even have a sign in front of the trailer that says "Da Poor People". That first time I heard my Dad say these words, which I might add has become a pretty regular occurrence up until now, was what I considered an "I just have to smile and shake my head moment". Today it is so much more. It has become an "aha" moment because I have realized that as long as you have family, friends and people in your life that love you, you automatically become one of the "rich" people.

I believe that "everyday moments" are a gift to help us through the somewhat chaotic game we call life. They may come in handy to teach us a lesson, they may be there to give us a small laugh when the day seems unbearable, or they may be there to remind us of something we may be missing. Whatever the reason, learn to cherish your "everyday moments", I know I have!

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