Friday, September 23, 2011

Today's Field Trip-MISSOURITOWN 1855

I cannot tell you how long ago it has been since I rode a school bus, but I can tell you that I rode one today. Today was Kiersten's 3rd grade field trip and only being employed part-time allowed me to go with her. I met her at the school and rode the bus with her. We were both angels on the bus and followed all the rules....
After a pretty loud (but fun) trip we arrived at Missouritown 1855. Although Missouritown is merely a reconstruction of times in the 19th century, the premise is just that. With real buildings from that era to animals, workers and tours, Missouritown presents a real feel for life back then. We started out learning about what oxen did to help farmers back then. They were yoked and used for everything from plowing the fields to being the 19-th century's version of a U-Haul. We even got to pet them and check out their horns.
The interpreters at Missouritown were in full dress and made it all the more interesting. We got to see how a blacksmith does his work, from heating the metal to clamping it and twisting it. It was so amazing to see how metal gets that hot and actually changes form.
And what would a 19th century town be without workers, animals, and old time buildings? It brought a lot of things into perspective for us. Back then the children started helping around the farm at around the age of 5 (wow, right?). Also there was no electricity or running water, and most of the time an entire family lived in a one room house, with the kitchen, bedroom, etc all in one. They played with very simple toys made out of wood and they also had outhouses (no picture to share of that one lol).
Missouritown was a fantastic experience for both Kiersten and I. Not only did we have the chance to see how life was over a century ago, we also got to spend time together bonding....the best part of my day!!!!!!

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