Wednesday, September 28, 2011

5 Great Things Places to Visit in Kansas City!!!

As I was driving through town today thinking about what to write about, I kept noticing signs advertising this and billboards advertising that. It occurred to me how many cool things there are to do in Kansas City so I thought a "5 Greatest Places" list was in order. These are the 5 favorite things me and my family like to do so the "5 greatest list" may be different for everyone and are not in any particular order.  And hey, if you're ever in Kansas City look me up!!

1) The Kansas City Zoo. With more than 200 acres and 1000 animals the Kansas City Zoo offers us a tour of many places, including Africa, Australia and the Farmlands, among others. This year the polar bear exhibit was added with the opportunity to meet Nikita the polar bear, along with a wide variety of other animals including rhinos, giraffes, and gorillas. They have elephants that paint, numerous feeding shows, and lots of rides: a tram, the train, a carousel, a boat, and the newly added African Sky Safari. The zoo is open year round, parking is free, and admission prices are comparable.

2) Worlds of Fun. Worlds of Fun amusement park has over 40 rides including 7 roller coasters and a couple of wet rides.  From the "Fury of the Nile" to the "Bamboozler" the rides are sure to make even the most sour person laugh. They also host a wide variety of shows tailored to kids of all ages, even adult kids. They offer other exciting ventures such as the Halloween Haunt, where the park becomes haunted at night (use your judgment as to the appropriateness of the haunt to your children). With souvenir shops, food venues, and lots of games, Worlds of Fun is an entire day's worth of FUN. A little pricey, including having to pay for parking, but worth it.

3) Oceans of Fun. Sister park to Worlds of Fun, Oceans of Fun is a fun collections of rides, slides and pools all in one HUGE park. Oceans of Fun features rides such as the "Aruba Tuba" that has a 43 foot drop into the "Coconut Cove". They offer a kayak and canoe ride where you can show off your rowing abilities, a 2,000 square foot pool that caters strictly to younger children, and Castaway Cove strictly for adults over the age of 21 (yes, you may partake in a drink or 3). With so much to do, this park is an entire day trip as well. While cheaper than WOF, OOF is also somewhat pricey and you have to pay for parking, but again I think it is worth it.

4) The Country Club Plaza. With over 14 blocks of shopping and entertainment, the Spanish architecture and European art make the Country Club Plaza a place to be. Known most for its fountains, this incredible must see district is jam packed with restaurants, a movie theater, horse-drawn buggies, gondola rides, and breath taking scenery. The landscaping itself is as upscale as the plaza itself. The is a prime hot spot any time of the day or evening. While the stores are very upscale, the atmosphere is laid back making this one place you won't want to miss.

5) Hallmark Visitors Center/Kaleidoscope. Located in the heart of downtown, the Hallmark visitors center tells the story behind this greeting card legacy. Showcasing a timeline of events, you walk through a visual atmosphere that creates a picture from the beginning of Hallmark Cards to today. From humble beginnings  to Christmas displays, the Hallmark visitor center is educational and legendary. While there, go downstairs to Kaleidoscope where children are encouraged to use their creative side and develop their own artwork. Using left-over materials from Hallmark, your children will experience everything from their own gift-bows to their unique artwork being transformed into a jigsaw puzzle. There are also special rooms that encourage them to decorate with black-light colors that can only be seen in that particular room. My favorite of the top 5 and the cheapest as well: Free. Park in the garage and they will stamp your card so that you do not have to pay parking either. Can't beat Go check 'em out!!!!

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