Sunday, September 18, 2011

Missing Moe-Moe----grab a tissue!!!!!

It's been over a year since we first saw the cute little round butterball of a puppy we named Moe-Moe. Moe-Moe was a boxer puppy that our family was drawn to on that cool fall day in October, 2010. After we pulled up to the truck outside of our local Walmart, we were smitten. We knew he was going home with us.

We named him after Muhammad Ali because he was a boxer, but we knew right away he would forever be Moe-Moe. And Moe-Moe could have been short for mischief, because he came right into our home and shook it up. Like a tornado hitting a silent beach, Moe learned all of our other pets buttons, and pushed them constantly. Our cats, Miley and Oliver, and our Jack Russell, Max, did not know what was going on. But this cute little bundle that annoyed them all soon grew on them and became part of the family.

I am the biggest pet lover I know and I can tell you without a doubt this was the coolest dog ever. He immediately took to me and my daughter, Kiersten, and soon we did hardly anything without him. He went to the trails with us and we could let him go....he would run to the front of the line to make sure those family members were okay, then come on to the back to make sure Mom was bringing up the caboose. He never went off the trails in those woods, except to make a stinky, and for that we were thankful. He loved playing in that water once we finally made it through the forest into the pond (see below).

He was Kiersten's best friend. He knew at 3:00 every day that if he stood at the front door, it would soon open and she would come in. Sometimes, we would go meet her at the bus stop and he would sit patiently waiting for the bus. They would go to the playground here at the apartments soon thereafter so that they could go down the slide together. She had him completely trained to run up the slide and slide back down. I loved that, man...I would show him off to everyone that came over by showing that MY dog could do that.....(watch the video to see him run up the slide after Kiersten then come back down)

Sadly, on July 12, 2011, we came home and found that our dogs had gotten out of the house. Max stayed close, but Moe-Moe traveled. We spent a lot of time, money, blood, sweat, and tears looking for Moe-Moe, but as of today we still have not found him. We have not given up hope, but life has somewhat returned to normal. It has been over 2 months, and our family has been somewhat turned upside down over it, but we keep on truckin. 

We have learned so many lessons through Moe-Moe, in less than a year of having him in our home. First and foremost we learned to make sure you spay/neuter your pets because if they are not neutered they tend to run away if they get out. We also learned to microchip your pets, so that if someone finds them they have record of where their home is. 

We also learned matter where we went, he was right there with us. We learned unconditional love, Moe-Moe didn't mind if you hadn't taken a shower that day or if the house wasn't completely up to par. We also learned to keep on living, despite the grief. We have learned to never give up, and we probably never will. We also learned that there is still a sense of community in our town, so many business hung fliers for us, so many people (complete strangers even) came out and helped us scour the town-and to all of them we are eternally grateful. 

I will never give up on finding Moe-Moe, and though the days get easier-we all still have days where we just start crying out of the blue. He was and always be part of our family and we miss him sorely. Time does heal some wounds, but some will always be there just under the surface. Hopefully Moe-Moe will come home, but maybe he is with a family that loves him just as much as we do. We love you Moe-Moe!!!!!!

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  1. awful! I am sure he misses you all too. I hope someday you will find Moe Moe.
    Following you back..have a nice week ahead