Friday, February 10, 2012


Thanks for the post, Vernon Lowe

I was delighted that when the bad weather ( blizzard) came through last week that the clear internet in my area didn’t stop working. We were stranded at the house for three whole days. There is one thing about the South, when it snows about an inch or ice accumulates, everything shuts down. We really just don’t have the resources to clean everything up like they do up North and out West. I remember when I was a kid and we had the “blizzard of 1993”. We got to miss school for the entire week! It was awesome, but then we ended up not getting out of school until a few days later than planned because a whole week was not built into the school schedule. We had so much fun. We made snowmen, snow ice cream, and even went sledding. Too bad that the blizzard was in March and not around Christmas. I have never had a white Christmas at home! Maybe one of these days we will end up getting some snow in December, but with global warming, I doubt it!

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